Industry sectors

ETHICA Consulting provides tailored custom solutions for all the target industry sectors, giving specific answers to its peculiar requirements.

The companies of ETHICA group have strong competences, solutions and more than 500 references in many different types of companies, both in discrete and process manufacturing and in distribution, from components to mechatronics, from engineering to complex systems and constructions, from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, from mill and metal to plastics, supporting enterprise processes from R&D up to production, sale and post-sale at international level.

Important market segments are also consumer products, from production and logistics to distribution, food and beverage, fashion and clothing, sport and accessories, high-tech and home products, with references in the most relevant names of the world market.

We are present also in the market of services, including applications for professional services, transportation, logistic centers, multi-utilities, insurance and finance compaies.

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