What we do

We provide the newest business applications to manage the enterprise processes and the most advanced information technologies to support it.

Ideals and values influence our choices and differentiate our behavior.

In times of digital change and globalization, the enterprise evolved in extended and networked structures, getting over the geographic barriers and integrating clients and suppliers in more and more sophisticated value-added chains.Informatics and communications are the keys to access this new world and the potential of these tools is strategic for the enterprise to get and to maintain competitive advantage.

We think that the dominance of information and communication technology, combined with business ethics, can produce a better quality of life for everybody.

Giving value to intercultural experiences and expressions, trusting new talents, exploring new ways, taking the risk of change and transformation are the keys to Innovation.


The companies of ETHICA Group are organized to guarantee the best professional support in all the phases of design, implementation and run support of the new information system of the client company.

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We count more than 500 live references in different market segments, all the clients are leading companies in Italy and in the international market.

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The experience built in specific industry sectors was industrialized and transformed by our software factories in preconfigured solutions reducing time and costs of new implementations.

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The continuous investment in innovation is a strategic factor for the growth of ETHICA Consulting and it is the best warranty for the IT assets of our Clients.

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