New Partnership between Espedia and Seeit Solutions  

Milano – March 28th 2017 – Espedia signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Seeit Solutions, an American SAP Services Partner, to strengthen and expand collaboration with qualified companies for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), in Smart Manufacturing and more, in international projects with SAP ME and SAP MII solutions.

Seeit Solutions is a consulting company with over 20 years of experience in software and professional services. They are focused on delivering Integrated Manufacturing Intelligence software and professional services, that empower their clients to achieve results through improved efficiency, optimized performance, improved reliability and regulatory compliance.

Their solutions and expertise help clients in the supply chain, by providing real-time information, dashboards, scoreboards, reports to mobile devices and other display platforms. Additionally, their knowledge provides support for machine integration and larger manufacturing enterprises with the most demanding needs focused on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, encompassing device integration to enterprise applications and big data analytics.

Seeit provides solutions for solving manufacturing problems around efficiency, quality, and scheduling by extending and integrating ERP to the plant floor, with notable success in delivering high-profile projects through full implementation, on time and under budget.

Espedia, which develops solutions based on the SAP platform, focuses on the following topics:

  • Product and Process Innovation
  • Integration between the world of engineering and the world of manufacturing
  • The launch of new products into the market

Espedia’s significant experience in data management began more than ten years ago.  Today, it integrates innovative solutions and technologies to solve complex production processes, to better manage the flow of information.

The agreement between Espedia and Seeit Solutions comes from the need to create synergies among companies with a strong background and high experience regarding shop-floor, devices and data management. The aim of this collaboration is to manage worldwide projects together, supporting companies to reach their objectives in terms of reorganizing business internal and external flows and improving the speed, productivity, and the quality of the system by acquiring and analyzing production data in near real-time.

Data remains the heart of the Industry 4.0: the more devices that communicate among each other, the more data that is generated!

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