of the group

ETHICA group is organized in different controlled or affiliate companies, each specialized in specific areas of IT offer.
ETHICA Consulting guarantees strategy and direction of the affiliate companies, providing shared services in administration and logistics. The operating companies are the real actors in the market.
ICM.S S.r.l. is a company dedicated to SAP technology, core business solutions and extended ERP applications. Founded in 1997, ICM.S is recognized as a leading SAP Value Added Reseller and Implementation Partner in the Italian market, with the status of Global VAR and leadership in Cloud solutions.
Altevie Technologies S.r.l. is a consulting company specialized in SAP technologies and specific SAP applications. Founded in 1998, ALTEVIE is focused on Systems Management, Software Engineering, Business Analytics, CRM, Mobility, IoT, Big Data and Data Science.
Espedia S.r.l. is a consulting company focused on specific SAP engineering and manufacturing applications. Born in 2003 from a business unit of ICM.S, Espedia is the reference company for Product Lifecycle Management, for integration between CAD/CAE systems, ERP and shop floor applications and for Industry 4.0 and Digital Smart Manufacturing.


SAP based in Walldorf (Germany) is the first Vendor in the world, from the new generation of ERP for enterprise business management to the most advanced solutions for specific areas and applications, available on on-premise and cloud platform.

SAP is present in Italy with own commercial and technical organization and with a network of certified Value Added Resellers and Service Partners. ETHICA Consulting works with them through its specialized companies.