Espedia Innovation Tour 2017

Espedia continues its events dedicated to the new solutions and technologies to support the companies that choose to address innovative scenarios.

After the first meeting in Franciacorta – “Cantine Bersi Serlini”, last November 24th, the second event of Espedia Tour, took place on March 15th, in Modena – “Acetaia Opera02”, a lovely place between the hills of Emilia (Italy).

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, SAP Leonardo, Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing, integration between processes of Manufacturing Execution and Product Development, the central themes of the meeting presented by Espedia in partnership with SAP.

“It is the voice of the customers as a frame to Espedia tour, said Andrea Stella, Managing Director Espedia. Organizing a roadshow dedicated to innovation in various cities in Italy, it comes from the need to meet the local companies to present SAP methodologies and the success stories of major companies that, through their involvement and their direct testimony, tell how it was possible to undertake a journey to industry 4.0, implementing innovative solutions, useful to solve complex production processes and to better manage the flow of informations.”
These events are also a moment of leisure and relationship among the guests: during the tasting tour to discover flavors and traditions of the land, and the networking lunch, customers have the opportunity to share their experiences, dealing about their weaknesses, strengths, and the solutions.

We wait for the third event next June!

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