New technologies and Applications to manage active interaction with the shop floor in manufacturing processes and in Smart Factory

After the macro phases of grow of the economy characterized by the advent of steam power and mechanization, electricity and mass production, computer and automation, “Industry 4.0” identifies a new era based on communication and cybernetics, with a high integration between real and virtual world. The move to the new world will be the result of a long term transformation, but some innovative elements in terms of available technologies and applications are already evident in the market and they influence the behavior of people and the organization of companies. Ethica consulting is working side by side with its enterprise customers in the implementation of technologies and solutions to interconnect engineering with operations and finance, providing an integrated flow of data among products, machines, production lines, operators and managers, which is the basis of the incoming Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Our customers are using “Internet of Things” technology also outside the traditional shop floor environment. As an example, they use IoT connectivity platforms to keep a link with the product after it has been sold, getting data from it while working in real life conditions. Data collected from remote products can be used to predict failure events (predictive maintenance) or to collect new user behaviors, working then to increase the services level to the customer: this is a key strategy to increase the customer sentiment and fidelity, an asset in today’s iper-competitive markets.

Since its foundation, Ethica Consulting, with its companies ICM.S SRL and Espedia SRL, has been working side by side both with discrete and process manufacturing companies. With these Clients, Ethica Consulting has already been developing “connected manufacturing” projects, implementing SAP Manufacturing suite (including SAP ME and SAP MII), more and more often powered by SAP HANA® technology.