CEC: the leading software platforms in the market for customer engagement and on-line omni-channel sales

The digital transformation driven by internet and mobile enables new sales models and creates new purchasing behaviors, where physical and virtual worlds coexist and complement each other.

Today’s customers are better informed as through Internet they have access to information from brands, distributors, marketplaces in their fingertips and they can benefit from other customers’ reviews. They have rising expectations of seamless interaction through different channels, starting their “journey” for example on a website, but continuing on mobile, call center, physical store, etc. Informed customers check their smartphone or the tablet for the brand’s “sentiment” on the social networks before a purchase, and expects easy ways to interact.

“SAP Hybris CeC suite” is the market leader in omni-channel solution with specialized tools for Marketing, Sales&Service, Commerce, and pre-configured integration scenarios with SAP landscape. SAP Hybris provides also a centralized way to manage all product and catalog information, making it available to specific customer groups and preferred channels in real-time.

Organizations need to embrace the digital transformation and be ready to adopt and to manage new business models, capitalizing previous knowledge and experiences and trusting a long term investment. Ethica Consulting works side by side with its clients in this innovation path, considering the specific needs of each company but also promoting the best practices. Thanks to the experiences gained in dozens of projects both in CRM and in e-Commerce, based on different software platforms and integrated with ERP processes, Ethica Consulting can offer an “end-to-end” service with a fast and efficient deployment of the IT solutions.