More than 500 Clients chose Ethica to renew and to run the enterprise information system. Customer satisfaction is our business card.

ETHICA Consulting is the Holding of Companies leader in Italy in the provision of software products and IT services for business management and development and represents one of the most qualified structures in Italy to accompany companies in the management and development of their information system and in the path of Digital Transformation will survive! on a national and international scale.

The group closed 2020 with more than 400 specialists and a turnover close to 60 million Euros.

In ETHICA Consulting, customers find an ideal partner to manage the transformation of the core processes adopting state of the art experiences and the leading software enterprise solutions.

ETHICA pay attention to quality of services, continuous innovation, investments in human resources, self-financing are key values which are promoted and shared at any level in the organization.

ETHICA Consulting acts as holding of the group and provides shared services to affiliated companies.

The Group's business is generated
by the resale of software and the provision of high value-added professional services on the SAP platform.


ETHICA Consulting supports companies in their Digital Transformation journey through the adoption and use of the best technologies and IT applications available on the market.

The Group's companies, thanks to their specialised resources, carry out effective and successful consultancy, projects and professional services, guaranteeing the expected results with sustainable costs.


The growth and the position in the market of ETHICA Consulting depend on the strategic and operating decisions taken by the Board, in line with the key values of the group:

The focus on the Client’s needs

with continuous and convinced investment in best state-of-the art products, software solutions and services, working with leading software vendors in the market

the organization model

approaching each target business area with specific entrepreneurial units having a clear target of excellence

the attention to our people

who represent the key resource in consultancy and in professional services, trusting each employee and in particular the young talents

the financial independence

maintained through our economic results, and the freedom of choosing and of taking own decisions, without accepting pressure and shortcuts, looking at a sustainable long term entrepreneurial project

Industry sectors

ETHICA Consulting was born and grew in North-East of Italy working in a manufacturing environment of thousands of small and medium enterprises focused on growth, product innovation, efficiency, cost saving and ability to compete. 

The implementation in these companies of new generation ERP systems required a special effort to adapt the software product and the project methodology. The effective result was then deployed in bigger corporations and in other market segments, becoming reference solutions.

Italy is the target market of ETHICA Group with offices and a strong presence in the growing areas of the country to guarantee the best local support and services. 

The international support is provided both moving resources from Italy and engaging the best operators in each country through United-VARs organization.

Today, the ETHICA Group has more than 500 references active in different industrial sectors and all client companies are leading companies in the Italian and international market.

Manufacturing, Components, Machinery, Series Products

Engineering, Constructions, Hi-Tech, Project, Special Products

Chemicals, Pharma, Health, Transformation

Food, Beverage, Consumer Goods

Clothing, Fashion, Luxury, Sport, Accessories

Distribution, Logistics, Transportation

Utilities, Energy, Environment

Services, Insurance, Finance