Who we are

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We are a group of fast growing companies, working in the newest solutions to manage enterprise processes and in the most advanced information technologies to support it.

ETHICA Consulting is the holding of a group of leading companies in Italy providing advanced software products and professional services for enterprise management.
The group counts more than 600 professionals and in 2017 had a global turnover of 80 Million Euro with consolidated revenues of 69 Million Euro.

In ETHICA Consulting the client companies find the ideal partner to manage the transformation of the core processes adopting state of the art experiences and newest information technologies.

Specific entrepreneurial units are dedicated to different industries and solutions, involving professional resources with excellent skills and experiences, effective approach and the commitment to get the target results.

Business ethics, Client’s care, attention to quality of services, continuous innovation, investments in human resources, self-financing are values which are promoted and shared at any level in the organization.

ETHICA Consulting acts as holding of the group and provides shared services to affiliated companies. Main office is based in Villorba (Treviso – Italy –30 Km far from Venice), and operating offices are in Padova, Bologna, Milano, Firenze, Perugia and Roma.

A succesful story

Founded in Treviso by managers and professionals with strong international experience, ETHICA Consulting could aggregate extraordinary resources and competences sharing the values of the local culture: this made and still makes the difference.

Since the start of the first company in 1997 ETHICA group had a continuous growth becoming one of the main IT operators in Italy and one of the reference partners of giants like SAP and Microsoft.


ETHICA Consulting wants to facilitate the digital transformation and the growth of the Clients’ business by supporting the adoption and the run of the best information technologies and applications in the market.
ETHICA solutions and organization guarantee expected results with sustainable costs, involving specialized resources in effective and successful consulting engagements, IT projects and professional services.

ETHICA is committed to establish a long term trusted relation with Clients, Partners and key Resources, promoting continuous innovation and competing for excellence.

Industry focus

ETHICA Consulting settled in North-East of Italy working in a manufacturing environment of small and medium enterprises focused on growth, product innovation, efficiency, cost saving and ability to compete. The implementation in these companies of new generation ERP systems required a special effort to adapt the software product and the project methodology. The effective result was then deployed in bigger corporations and in other market segments, becoming reference solutions.
The target market for ETHICA companies is Italy with a strong presence in the growing areas of the country, with dedicated resources to guarantee the best local support and services.
The international support is provided moving resources from Italy and engaging the best operators in each country through United-VARs organization.


The growth and the position in the market of ETHICA Consulting depend on the strategic and operating decisions taken by the Board, in line with the key values of the group:

  • the focus on the Client’s needs, with continuous and convinced investment in best state-of-the art products, software solutions and services, working with leading software vendors in the market;
  • the organization model, approaching each target business area with specific entrepreneurial units having a clear target of excellence;
  • the attention to our people who represent the key resource in consultancy and in professional services, trusting each employee and in particular the young generations;
  • the financial independence maintained with our economic results, and the freedom of choosing and of taking own decisions, without accepting pressure and shortcuts, looking at a sustainable long term project.